Guest In Residence, is Gigi Hadid's new cashmere label the real deal?

Disclaimer: Purely opinion

Gigi Hadid just launched her new label Guest In Residence. Sustainable and fun, the quality cashmere sweaters and clothing are as cute as they are comfy.
With fall and winter at hand, i've been eyeing these new pieces full of warmth and color to be my new essential wardrobe for the season. I'm picturing myself snuggling up by the fire or going out on a brisk day with these timeless pieces.  
Authentic and 100% cashmere, each piece is made from long hair fibers from Inner Mongolia -- it's the real deal. Each piece is made to not pill and to last a lifetime. 
I've added some of my favorite pieces below.

Guest In Residence - Everywhere Cardigan

Guest In Residence - Carpenter Jogger

Guest In Residence - The Soft Socks

Guest In Residence - Oversized Hoodie

Guest In Residence - Shrunken Polo


Photo credits from products on Guest In Residence website. 

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