Why is the Olsen twin's style so mysterious?

Disclaimer: Purely opinion 

With style and lives as mysterious, some might say even as weird, as the ones the Olsen twins have, I ask myself, have they been on to something we are missing out on?

In my opinion, there is something to learn from Mary-Kate and Ashley. Their notorious transition from very public fame to living very private lives is quite the opposite of what most of society today is aiming towards, especially as celebrities. Yet their fame and coveted style by millions remains. It raises the question, does being discreet and mysterious make one's style more interesting? In the world of flamboyant Kardashians and dazzling Hiltons, all putting it out there, grabbing our attention, whatever the cost. What would happen if one gravitated towards the opposite and more Olsen like? 

Now, I don't know the Olsens personally, of course. I have no clue, if what they project is truly what I take away from analyzing their lives and fashion choices, (same for the Kardashians and the Hiltons). What I do see is that Mary-Kate wearing her frumpy sometimes nonsensical bagging pants with Vans, and oversized coat with a long almost floor grazing scarf, is not what I would imagine most stylists today to recommend to any important client. Then again, maybe yes because she is Mary-Kate Olsen. I am but inspired by this because she is representing the very successful and stylish brand, The Row, which was founded by herself and her twin sister Ashley. Mary-Kate, nonetheless, looks at peace with her personal choice in fashion. Quirky, simple, and at times elegant, the Olsens are truly some of my sought after celebrities who whenever do appear in the media make me expectant and excited because I know i'll probably be surprised. Not because I am expecting to see a circus of a look, but because I am pleased that someone as successful as them are but themselves. 

Let's just say we tried the Olsen way of dressing and focused more on what they seem to look for. Or more so what if we focused on what we truly feel comfortable in. *smokes a cigarette* Finally let's assume, we are not constantly bombarded with the idea that dressing like a reality tv star is the way to go, not to say there is anything wrong with dressing as such. Could it be possible that we in turn would make different fashion choices and therefore our personal style would become more interesting? 

So, thanks to the Olsens, I decided to search and share some pieces that they inspired me to purchase, based off of their style and my own. Let's see how this goes. 



The Row - wide-leg corduroy trousers


Lemaire - wraparound cotton shirt

Veja - V-10 Bastille sneakers


 Chloe - belted leather biker coat

Isabel Marant - Firna two-toned fringe scarf

Lemaire - high-waist wide-leg trousers

AMI Paris - belted virgin wool-blend coat

JW Anderson - patch-pocket knitted jumper

TOTEME - monogram print scarf


The Row - zip-front ankle boots

Gucci - squared sunglasses

Photo credits from products on Farfetch and Shopbop website. 

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