Du Ciel À La Terre – Fall/Winter ʼ21

Fuego & Flores' Fall/Winter 2021/22 collection, "Du ciel à la terre," or "heaven to earth" is inspired by our galaxies, the worlds and constellations that surround our small but intricately complex earth. These celestial beings dramatically bring awe and wonder, humbling us as we realize the specks we are in this grand universe. Yet, they unquestionably are painted there to remind us of how we are destined for more. 

The collection is full of hand embroidered, hand painted, embellished gowns and garments. It also launches an original Fuego & Flores fabric printed with artwork by Arianna Nohemi Pendergast.

It is full of the colors and symmetry seen in the artwork "Du ciel à la terre" painted on finale look 20. It is an ode to the beautiful universe given to us by a Creator, majestic as so.  

© Fuego & Flores